Welcome! Come on in!  Boy, it's always busy here, I'm sure you'll find plenty of projects to keep you busy if you sit and stay awhile!  There are all kinds of new things going on!  
 Recently I have been learning to knit wool socks.  I've always crocheted without difficulty but never seemed to "get" knitting.  As we are heading into a new winter I decided it was high time to learn knitting and to learn how to knit wool socks.  My toes are really going to appreciate it too!  So far its going off without a hitch.  I decided a few library books ought to be sufficient. So I got those home and started in earnest to try to copy the instructions.  I also enlisted the help of a sister in law to verify I was knitting what I had learned properly.  She confirmed I was right on track, so I was greatly encouraged!  I had quite a few days of frustration in trying to interpret all the drawings of yarn going this way and that way around fingers and needles... 5 of them!